If you’re getting hitched on Ibiza & you’ve chosen to have a wedding video, you’re in luck. Ibiza is well known for its beaches, natural beauty & distinctive look. A sublime backdrop for your Ibiza wedding video.

What is a Cinematic Beach?

In Ibiza there is plenty of eye-candy for your wedding video, but there’s something special about the beach. A cinematic beach looks as magical through the lens as it does to the naked eye. Gorgeous white sand, azure blue waters & a feast for the eyes wherever you look. And of course: A beach which looks all the better for having you lovers walk along it.

Besides general gorgeousness, I’ve also noted each beach for the following:

Aerial: How picturesque the beach & surrounding area look from a drone’s eye perspective.

Landmarks: Interesting places nearby you might like to visit as part of your video.

Bustle: How busy the beach is & the likelihood of having other tourists in your wedding video. Don’t they know you’re so Hollywood, darling?

Character: How all the pieces add up to make for a cinematic video.

Cala Comte Ibiza wedding film

So here you go. 5 cinematic beaches perfect for your Ibiza wedding video:

Cala Comte

Cala Comte is home to two small beaches, deep blue waters & some of the most stunning views on the island. Home to Ses Roques, the beautiful restaurant which hosts many weddings on it’s rocky beachfront.

Aerial: Cala Comte has so much to look at from the sky. The twin beaches surround themselves with sand dunes & rocky cliffs. Birds-eye views to die for.

Landmarks: Lots of fishermans huts & private coves make for beautiful filming. But the nearby Torre d’en Rovira lookout has incredible views at the tip of an alluring peninsula. Worth visiting.

Bustle: This is one of the busiest beaches on the island, especially at sunset. But with so many private spots, filming shouldn’t be difficult.

Character: Bags of it. Alongside the alluring views, Cala Comte has incredible sunsets & an unmistakable orange glow.

Cala Tarida

Cala Tarida is the biggest of Ibiza’s west-coast beaches. It hosts two of Ibiza’s famous wedding venues: Cotton Beach & C’as Mila.

Aerial: There’s beauty under the right conditions. The size of the beach & it’s fine white sand make it a doozy to look at from the sky – when it’s quiet. Cala Tarida is a busy tourist beach & the surrounding area is very urbanised.

Landmarks: Nothing within walking distance, but there’s plenty of visual interest. Impressive yachts; large offshore rocks & a picturesque wooden jetty.

Bustle: This is another popular beach with plenty of visitors during the day. It’s much quieter by sunset & there’s plenty of room to capture a wonderful walk on the beach or even a cheeky swim!

Character: The real views look straight out to sea. Sapphire blue water & a wide panorama where the sun sets right on the water. A cinematographers dream from the right angles.

Cala Nova Ibiza wedding film

Cala Nova

Cala Nova is home to Aiyanna & Atzaro Beach. The breathtaking beach is unassuming & rustic, surrounded by crimson cliffs and pine-adorned hills. If the wind is up, you’re in for a visual treat, as the surfers come out to play.

Aerial: Cala Nova’s beach is medium size. The surrounding scenery is wild & natural, covered in pines. Aiyanna & Ataro Beach are on the beach-edge, so the aerial footage is breathtaking. There is very little urban in the way.

Landmarks: Beyond the dense pines is an adventurous walk up to the Punta des Fonoll Mari. A rocky thumb outcrop with incredible views from it’s knife-edge peak. One for the searchers.

Bustle: Situated in the North East of the island, Cala Nova is popular, but not as busy as other beaches in the west. There is plenty of space & scope for filming.

Character: Imagine gently crashing waves, rocky cliffs & super-green pines all around. Cala Nova has character in spades and is a filmmakers dream. Romantic, airy and dense.

Cala Codolar

Cala Codolar is peaceful, blissful & almost like your own private beach, it’s that quiet. You might visit here if you’re lucky enough to be getting married at nearby Elixir or 7 Pines.

Aerial: A strong sense of seclusion due to the high surrounding cliffs & nature. It’s gorgeous from above. Hotels & residential areas to the North of the beach, but coves, pines & true-blue waters to the South. The view of Es Vedra from up high over the cliffs is perfect drone-candy.

Landmarks: If you have time you should visit the amazing Time & Space art installation. Thirteen columns forming a Fibonacci sequence on a cliff-edge might not sound impressive. You simply have to see it to believe it’s beauty.

Bustle: This beach is for insiders. Even in the height of season it’s often quiet, especially heading towards sunset. Your own private sanctuary, so filming here is a joy.

Character: Small & perfectly formed. It’s no wonder so many wedding moments are snapped & filmed here. Evening light reflecting off the cliffs gives Cala Codolar a unique appearance. Quite unlike any other beach. An Ibiza wedding video filmed here is truly unique.

Cala d'Hort Ibiza wedding film

Cala d’Hort

The beloved Cala d’Hort boasts golden-sands and a truly magical sunset. It doesn’t have it’s own beachside wedding venue. Clued-up couples come here anyway for one reason: Es Vedra.

Aerial: Steep cliffs, sun-blushed sands & azure waters. And of course, the mythical island of Es Vedra makes this beach cinematic in the extreme.

Landmarks: Torre des Savinar is the most well-known watchtower outside of Dalt Vila. Two hundred meters above sea level. Make the journey here & your wedding film will be truly unforgettable.

Bustle: On this Ibiza beach you’ll be fighting the crowds no matter the time of day, but it’s worth finding the quiet spots for your wedding video.

Character: Full to the brim. Head off the beach & onto the rocks for some peace & space to film. Find the little wooden jetty for a perfectly framed shot with Es Vedra behind you.

Of course, every beach is special in Ibiza. But these are some of my favourites & they are particularly pretty.

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