Hey there, Ibiza lovers!  I’m wishing you a warm, breezy island welcome to Tiny Films Ibiza. A new company creating short wedding films for couples getting married on Ibiza. Or as I prefer to say: “Small, perfectly formed wedding films, for those who like their stories short & sweet.”

What is a Tiny Film?

Tiny Films are non-traditional wedding films. An alternative to more common wedding videos.  

Here’s how: 

Most wedding filmmakers take a traditional approach to a wedding day, incorporating: 

  • A re-telling of the day as it unfolds
  • Spoken audio of the vows; speeches and interviews
  • A wedding film often 10-15 minutes in length. Sometimes longer.

Tiny Films, on the other hand, are short & impressive. Filled with the best parts of the day. The fun, laughter, joy & emotions of a wedding held on the island of dreams.  

Here’s what I mean: 

Think of a traditional wedding film as a Hollywood movie you watch on special occasions. A Tiny Film is like your favourite music video you watch time & again. Anywhere. On any device. With family, friends or even on your own. Keeping the Ibiza sunshine with you, wherever you may be.

Wedding Videographer Es Vedra

Why I created Tiny Films

I created Tiny Films because many of my clients are looking for short films at a modest price.

Not everyone wants to commit a large part of their wedding budget to a full production film. And not everyone wants to break out the popcorn & drinks every time they watch their wedding video. Some couples want a smaller film based on a modest budget. That’s what I aim to provide.

I’m passionate about offering my couples alternatives to industry norms. Something more suited to them than one-size-fits-all.

And as a consumer, I like options. I like different. I like alternative.

So I created Tiny Films.

Who is a Tiny Film for?

Tiny Films appeal to couples fitting in to one of 3 broad categories:

  • Couples who want a short & specific wedding film. No fuss. Just emotional, joyful & gorgeous. 
  • Those who have less demanding needs for videography. Often, these are couples who already have photography at the heart of their day. A wedding film is a nice-to-have, but not essential.
  • Couples with a modest budget, looking for a high-value reminder of their Ibiza wedding.
Wedding Videographer Ibiza

Where I shoot Tiny Films

Anywhere in Ibiza!  

Tiny Films suit any style of wedding in any venue.

But, they work particularly well with small to medium size weddings.

For example:  

  • Up to 80 guests.
  • A wedding staged in a single venue of small to medium size. 

Tiny Films are especially suited to venues such as: Elixir. Cas Mila. Can Domingo. Ses Savines. Ses Roques. Las Cicadas. La Escollera. Amante. Aguas de Ibiza. Aiyanna. Paissa d’en Bernat. Wi-Ki Woo. Cotton Beach. El Chiringuito Cala Gracioneta. Maya Beach Club. Seven Pines.

Tiny Films are perfect for elopements too.

Check out my post on 5 Cinematic Beaches Perfect For Your Ibiza Wedding Film.

When can you book a Tiny Film?

I’m available throughout the year to shoot & create Tiny Films for my couples. Drop me a line with your date to find out my availability. 

Ibiza’s busiest wedding months are typically May & September. These months have the most clement weather and gorgeous light. I recommend booking well in advance if you’d like a Tiny Film in these months. Go ahead!

Wedding Videographer Cala Tarida

I’m over the moon about launching Tiny Films. I’m passionate about offering this alternative wedding film service for Ibiza.

We’re at the start of an exciting journey. Reach out and join me for the ride.